Monday, 23 February 2009

Chainsaw (log4net viewer) won't refresh properly

We use Apache project's Chainsaw utility to view our log4net based logging messages. Being a Java Swing/AWT app it has a loads of funnies when running on windows such as commands not being where a windows user typically expects them but as a log viewer I find it outstanding - well, once you've got it to work that is!

Anyway recently we had a case where on one and only one machine it just refused to refresh the display properly. Though messages could be read one by one, using the cursor key down method, it was slow and painful, as reading the general flow and history of messages usually helps debugging more than an individual message. We spent ages over the past few weeks looking at different setting - java, log4net, networking/firewalls etc (we use chainsaw over UDP), we even tried running different versions of chainsaw but to no avail.

Finally a flash of inspiration - where are user settings stored? Yes! In your c:\users\blah\.chainsaw directory!!! Just delete this and low and behold like any decent app it recreates the info with sensible defaults.

Sometimes it helps not to be too clever!

NB. I always forget how to format a application configuration url for chainsaw on windows as there is small funny in chainsaw setting it via the UI. The correct format for us on vista64 is:


You can find this under the application preferences:

Chainsaw Preferences Location

In the Automatic Configuration URL

Chainsaw Automatic Configuration URL

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