Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Beer and Bytes inaugural meeting

Last night was the first meeting of the Auckland North Shore Beer and Bytes group. I consider is a great success not because I wasn't the only person there (I ensured that by dragging a couple of willing cohorts from work - cheers Joe and Steve), but because I had not anticipated how the evening would progress. Would everyone be bored? What would we talk about?

Well as it happened there was some very interesting things discussed. Joe tells me there were tape (actually digital but due to my age they'll always be tape) recorders in action. If anyone has any snippets they'd a like to add please feel free to add a comment.

Mark and Greg from Tracado gave us a run down on all the cool new things in Silverlight 3 that make this the best release yet. I had discussion about NHibernate and magic. Peter recommends this project as a great example of why WPF is great. But I think my favourite of all was Peter (please could you,  and everyone else who wants to, send me links to your web pages?) encouraging us to have a .net (real guns and bullets) shooting night!

Actually the other main thing we discovered was how many of us have DBase or Clipper in our backgrounds....  Thanks to Steve, Guy, Patrick, Peter, Allan, Joe, David, Mark, Greg and Bruce!

I think the general consensus was that we should do it again so I'll organise one for a couple weeks after Easter. Next time I'll bring my laptop and maybe we'll look at some code too :-)


bittercoder said...

Great to hear it went well - I'd definitely come along to the next one - more of this talking/discussing rather then listening is what the Auckland development community needs :)

Patrick said...

Preet, thanks for organizing the event. I'll definitely come again.