Friday, 29 January 2010

Hard Disk Beat Boxing

I’ve just returned from a month away and have discovered that my disk has gone north last week, making the sounds of a rather rubbish DeeJay.

Since I use virtual machines for a lot of the work I’ve been doing and these machines actually run from a separate disk – I‘ve been fairly lucky and have only lost my vs2008 environment – the vs2010 is in a VM. This environment is easily recovered as we have a hard disk images for most of the vs2008 environments, and I only have to reinstall beyond compare, configure notepad++ and some VS settings, restore a couple of test databases and I’m back in business.

However this is another timely reminder for

  • Using Source Control – I’ve lost no source code, including all my part changes which are in TFS as shelvesets
  • Use a second disk for VMs – not only is it faster but it can also save your bacon from time to time
  • Keep hard disk images of important setups of your dev environment. I have to thank Aderant’s great IT team for this. They really are the best IT team I’ve ever worked with.
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  • back up important things before going away – and please please please automate this as its trivial on windows to set up scheduled task to do this for you.

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